Queenie, a redhead, grew up in a London orphanage in the mid-1800s and so at thirty, she is determined that her one-year-old son will know who his father is. Tiker, a bare-knuckle prizefighter also from the same orphanage, chases his own demons. His pursuit of the truth lands him in the American South just after the Civil War in 1865. JRA, a New Zealander living in present-day Mississippi coincidentally in 2018, wrote a book (Sovrin’s Star) detailing Tiker’s ordeal believing it was fiction. Since the end of the Cold War, the NETWORK has been monitoring one of its former agents code-named the POET SOLDIER.


In Victorian London, the capital of the English empire Queenie dreams of the new world for her and her infant son across the Atlantic—New York, where the streets are paved with gold. The sometimes-desolate post-civil war South is a welcome reprieve from the slums of London for Tiker. In 2019, life for JRA (and former cohorts) is played out on iPhone, computer, and television screens. Augmentation is a real thing as early, and crude Artificial Intelligence is deployed with reckless abandon by a former handler.


Queenie: Her flaming red hair framed deep blue eyes that smiled at you no matter the weather.

Tiker: Beneath the rim of a canvass top hat, his knowing eyes set you free.

JRA: If “aloof” were a phone, he’d be a burner from Walmart.

LAZOO: Playing house on your own was not how this reformed criminal envisioned life.

Little Lazoo: He’s old enough to understand that his parents split up but not the reason.

Hannibal Ammer: A reincarnation of an old foe feels its time to exact revenge.

Story Style

Dickens meets William S. Burroughs online in 2019 is the style of GO Xi. The plot is driven by the stream of consciousness narrative from Queenie, Tiker, JRA, LAZOO, and Santina San Fé. Perspective can change from character to character within a part. Links to music on YouTube help create a mood or strengthen a sentiment or feeling that one can carry with them throughout the day until the next chapter is released in the LATEST UPLOAD.

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