Emotional Techno Fiction – Historical/Cyber Noir
[LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 15, 2019 – 12:00 pm Central Time]




“BONUS UPLOAD,” the banner flashed to arcade music in the dark-web browser.

“Pull over!” Lazoo warned as he tried recalling something. “Someone, what’s the melt code for an Android?”

“XKSLE#, the date in antipodean format, three zeroes, and then…” came Page’s voice from the back seat.

“Remind me later, we gotta have a talk, young man,” Lazoo threatened as he entered the code into the burner.

Metofeaz pulled the cab over to the sidewalk somewhere in Brooklyn a few yards from a trash can.

“X-K-S—” Little Lazoo next to Page began.

“Very funny, Jimmy,” Lazoo looked over his shoulder at his seven-year-old son in the backseat as the father got out of the cab and headed for a trash can. In it, he deposited the burner, which began smoking as Lazoo walked back to the yellow cab with the door still open.

“Talk, we gotta talk! Everyone talk!” Lazoo sounded panicky as he jumped into the passenger seat and closed the door. It worried Jimmy in the back who frowned like he was about to cry.

“It’s okay, guys,” Metofeaz looked in the rear-view mirror at the boys and Le Mac.

Metofeaz checked the side mirror giving Le Mac an opening to explain what was happening.

“All the LATEST UPLOADS for the GUiOPERA have been confirmed, they have been for a while. Something’s happened, which we’re not aware of.” Le Mac put an arm around Jimmy’s shoulder.

“But isn’t JRA one of us?” Page questioned.

“Yeah—” Le Mac nodded.

“Sometimes shit happens, son,” Lazoo turned to face his boy in the back. “That’s why I said we talk. Hopefully, it relays on the f3quenZor and drowns out the noise, or if he’s stressed and decided to take matters into his own hands, he might hear us.”

“It happens now again. Usually, when there’s been a loss or a tragedy in his personal life, the Cut-Throat-Creative will express himself in the cloaking device, the story about the story,” Metofeaz looked at Lazoo and then the boys in the back.

“How about that, Tiker aye?” Le Mac bravely suggested a new topic of conversation.

“Strains of Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction, if you ask me.” Lazoo mused aloud.

“So that’s why Tiker came to America? Did he renege on a fight that was fixed? Interesting.” Metofeaz questioned the plot-point of Tiker’s story in PART 1.

“How old’s baby Tiger, really?” Jimmy’s face lit up.

“Read the book!” Page reminded everyone of “Sovrin’s Star,” the novella.

“Play some music!” Jimmy shouted as he got caught up in the banter.

“Shhh!” Le Mac put a finger to his lips. “Metofeaz, what’s a track?”

At the wheel, the former influencer, back in the day before the internet, thought long and hard as he turned the corner. “It’s either Jackson or Houston…Madonna, maybe?”

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